Hidrolift is established on a 15,000 m2 area, of which 11,000 m2 is enclosed. The factory consists of five separate halls with different production lines.

These halls were built in consideration of cylinder dimensions, sectors and production amounts. There is also a coating line and a stock area supporting these halls.

These halls include:

1. Agricultural Cylinder Production Line

2. Industrial Cylinder Production and Repair-Maintenance Line

3. Large Cylinder Production Line

4. Serial Cylinder Production Line

5. Raw Material Storage Area

6. Sandblasting, Surface Treatment and Coating Line

       Risk analyzes have been performed in the factory area, considering the factors that may threaten employee health and safety, and the risks have been minimized. Factors such as indoor temperature, air pollution and humidity are always kept under control. To minimize pollution, Hidrolift has adopted the mission of leaving a clean world for future generations and is sensitive to matters such as the control of filtration waste.