Spare Parts

  • Raw / Honed Pipe Production

    Since Hidrolift produces on a project basis, it stocks a wide range of pipes. Available pipe stock includes primarily honed pipes, followed by the standard ready-to-hone and raw pipes with a diameter range of 32-250 mm. Pipe qualities are:








    ACCORDING TO EN 10305/DIN 2391



    ST 52




    According to customer request, the inner or outer diameter of the pipe can be chromium-plated.

  • Rod Production

    Hidrolift has many alternative rod materials for both its own applications and for sale. In addition, it produces and sells chromium-plated shafts rods from special materials (42CrMo4 - AISI304 - AISI316L etc.) upon request.


    Hidrolift has Ck45, Ck45-induced and 20MnV6 materials with a diameter range of 15-150 mm. It also offers options with high corrosion resistance such as Nikrom 500 and AISI431.


    Hidrolift obtains these products from suppliers that have proven their quality at an international level and delivers them with an EN10204-3.1 certificate upon request.

  • Tie Rod End and Bearing

    Hidrolift meets international standards in its own applications. This is why it uses standard components at connection points, unless there is a custom design request. Ready-made connection elements complying with DIN 648 - ISO 6124 - DIN 2455 - ISO 8133 - DIN 24338 - ISO 6982 standards are used in tie rod ends and bearings. Optionally, non-standard applications are also carried out within Hidrolift.

  • Sealing and Bearing Elements


    Hidrolift uses products by many seal manufacturers for its cylinders. You can access the products of our seal manufacturers from the links below:



    Hidrolift has a very large stock of seals for use in its own cylinders. We sell spare parts for previously-produced cylinders upon request.