Production Stages


Autodesk Inventor software is used in the design unit and solid models and technical drawing details are created in line with customer demands.

Projects with completed designs are submitted for customer approval before production, and production work begins after approval.


Hidrolift's machine park list shows its production capacity and machining capability. Constantly renewed in parallel with the technology, the high-capacity modern machine park is right next to the trained work force in terms of Hidrolift's most significant values that do not appear in the balance sheets. Adding our measurement capability to these other two major factors, the three pillars that form the basis of obtaining quality products are completed.


MIG-MAG, submerged and electrode welding is performed. When necessary, procedure qualification records (PQR) and the corresponding welding procedure specifications are created and the application is made according to these documents. All welders have been certified according to the EN 287-1 standard. All certifications and their scopes can be seen in the documents and certificates section.

Precision surface treatment

While Hidrolift can supply materials such as honed pipes and chrome rods from world markets, it also provides these products and precision surface treatment processes internally.

The current machine park list shows the capacity and bench park of these processes.

Combining process dominance with machine park strength, Hidrolift provides results that exceed industry standards.

For barrel inner surface diameters of up to 1000mm, surface roughness values can be realized in the range of Ra 0.05-0.3 Rt 1-2.5.

Quality control

Products are subjected to inspection and testing upon receipt, during processing, before assembly, after assembly and before shipment, and the results are reported. Hidrolift uses the following measurement, inspection and testing methods.

1. Dimensional measurements

2. Surface roughness measurements

3. Non-destructive inspection methods

  • Visual inspection
  • Liquid penetrant inspection
  • Magnetic particle test
  • Surface contamination measurement test
  • Welding hardness test


Hidrolift's experienced and trained personnel assemble all cylinder parts that have been successfully manufactured.


Each assembled cylinder is subjected to a 100% pressure and tightness test. 

Testing parameters:

1. Pressure test

2. Internal leakage test

3. Life cycle test

Sandblasting, Surface Treatment and Coating

For cylinders up to 500kg in weight and 2m in length, Hidrolift ensures the quality characteristics at the coating facility with zirconium phosphating, pre-surface treatment, priming, finishing and drying oven sections as specified in Hidrolift specification no. S0002 and/or customer specifications. 


Packaging is carried out in accordance with local and international regulations (ISPM 15) and customer specifications.


The wide product range of Hidrolift differentiates its stock management from other companies. Hidrolift provides its customers with tailor-made solutions. For these reasons, Hidrolift has more than sufficient stock with products from world-renowned brands.

Thanks to its abundant stock, it can offer quick solutions with different options.